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Green Infrastructure for the City of Gloucester

The Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) Water Resources Program, in partnership with the City of Gloucester, NJ Tree Foundation, and the Camden County Soil Conservation District, is piloting a community-based initiative addressing flooding and combined sewer overflow (CSO) issues through education and the implementation of green infrastructure demonstration projects in the City of Gloucester.  Gloucester City, located in Camden County, covers an area totaling 2.78 square miles and has seven (7) CSOs that discharge to the Delaware River and Newton Creek. The project partners are collaborating with local organizations and residents to reduce nonpoint source water pollution, reduce nuisance flooding, address the impacts of impervious cover, and upgrade aging infrastructure.  The initiative will work to identify green infrastructure opportunities in critical areas that can mitigate CSO impacts in the community that are contributing to pollution and flooding.  The project will focus on the capture, treatment, and reuse of stormwater runoff, reducing pressures on existing infrastructure in the city and protecting water quality in the Delaware River and Newton Creek.

Funding through the Surdna Foundation was used to prepare and deliver a city-wide feasibility study identifying sites for green infrastructure opportunities throughout the city to capture, treat, and infiltrate (where possible) stormwater runoff. 

In 2017, a grant from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) 319(h) program was awarded to the Camden County Soil Conservation District to support partner efforts for implementing demonstration projects and education and outreach activities throughout the community. The following objectives will be completed by the project partners.

Objective 1: Develop green infrastructure feasibility study and action plan

Objective 2: Establish a community-based green infrastructure action network

  • Gloucester City Green Team
  • Camden County Supplemental CSO Team
  • Green Infrastructure Municipal Action Team

Objective 3: Design and implement green infrastructure demonstration projects 

Project Funding Source: 
Surdna Foundation
NJDEP 319(h)

Christopher C. Obropta, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences
Extension Specialist in Water Resources
Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program
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Matthew Leconey
Program Associate
Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program
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