Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [Water Resources Program]

Undergraduate Student Showcase

Summer 2009


Dan, Sara, Margarita, Kate, and Tolin did a super job this summer, gained some real world experience, and had a lot of fun along the way!

Summer 2008

Once again, the Water Resources Program employed several students to assist in summer research and extension projects.  Daryl Strom and Ben Pearson returned to us from last year.  Both are entering their senior year as bioenvironmental engineering students.  Dan Yu, a sophomore bioenvironmental engineering student, joined our team this summer along with two high school students Darius Griffith and Immanuel Krogmann.  Additionally, this summer we had the pleasure of working with Ariel Martin, an Environmental Sciences graduate student.  The students conducted water quality sampling and flow monitoring of the Black River, Assiscunk Creek, Musconetcong River, Tenakill Brook, Musquapsink Brook, Troy Brook, and Strawbridge Lake.  The data collected by the students will be used to develop watershed restoration and protection plans and to help us document the impact of stormwater management practices.  The students also helped construct and maintain rain gardens throughout the State.  They conducted a lake dredging feasibility study.  They also performed column experiments to help determine which additives to bioretention soil mixes will improve nitrogen removal.  Finally, the students built a low impact development demonstration project at the Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences (ENRS) Building.  A patio was constructed with a rain garden to capture, treat and infiltrate the additional runoff created by this new impervious surface.  The patio itself was constructed from old laboratory bench tops and old bricks from previously demolished urban buildings.  This was a perfect example in reuse of old construction materials and a demonstration of how to offset the impact of new impervious surfaces.


Every year we try to hire summer student interns to provide them with some real world experience.  Ben, Daryl, Darius, Immanuel, Dan, and Ariel (not pictured above) did a great job this summer, earned a little money, and had a lot of fun.


Summer 2007

The Water Resources Program employed six Rutgers University students to assist in water quality sampling, benthic sampling, flow monitoring, site investigations, stream visual assessments, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis during the summer of 2007.

While working on real world water resources projects this summer under the guidance of the Water Resources Program staff, the students had the opportunity to learn many skills that may give them a head-start in their careers. The skills gained can also be applied throughout the remainder of their academic careers. Two students were even featured on a local cable channel while collecting surface water samples from the Tenakill and Musquapsink Brooks!

On behalf of the RCE Water Resources Program, we would like to thank Brian Kelly, from the Environmental Sciences graduate program, and Jillian Thompson, Robert Flaherty, Benjamin Pearson, Daryl Strom, and Colin Warnick, from the Bioresource Engineering undergraduate program, for their hard work. All of our students were immensely helpful, and we look forward to continuing to provide University students with relevant real world experience.

Chris Thiel, from the Bioresource Engineering undergraduate program, and Christine Lynn, from the Environmental Sciences graduate program, have recently joined the Water Resources Program for the Fall of 2007. Welcome, Chris and Christine!

Daryl Strom monitoring flow in the Neshanic River Watershed
Hunterdon County, NJ
Summer 2007

Robert Flaherty monitoring flow in West Portal Brook
Musconetcong River Watershed
Hunterdon County, NJ
Summer 2007

Ben Pearson monitoring flow in the Musconetcong River
Hunterdon County, NJ
Summer 2007

Can you find Ben in the Mighty Musky?