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The New Jersey Watershed Stewards Program is an educational extension program developed by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program that empowers citizens of New Jersey to take action to help solve watershed problems throughout the State.

To obtain the title of "New Jersey Watershed Steward," participation in a training workshop and a watershed-based service project are required.  At the training workshop, experts from Rutgers Cooperative Extension will go over the basics of watersheds: what they are, how they are affected, and approaches to take care of them.  During the training workshop, the service projects will be described and the trainees will have the opportunity to sign up for a project that interests them.

All are welcome to join this exciting program!  Previous environmental experience is not required.

Upcoming Training Workshops

New Jersey Watershed Stewards training workshops are currently being offered.  Please see below for additional information.

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Presentations & Resources

March 8, 2010 training workshop at the Rutgers EcoComplex:


Module 1 - Program Introduction

Module 2 - Overview of Watershed Systems

Module 3 - Overview of Watershed Impairments

Module 4 - Managing to Improve Watershed Function

Module 5 - Overview of Watershed Involvement

Demonstration of Natural Systems and Branching


Spring 2010 Service Projects

Watershed-Based Service Projects

Information on Spring 2010 Service Projects - click here!

Sample Service Project: Collecting water samples.

Sample Service Project: Installing a rain garden.

Sample Service Project: Conducting visual assessments of waterways.


For more information, contact your local Rutgers Cooperative Extension County office by visiting or by calling 732-932-5000.