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Camden Green Infrastructure Initiative

In July 2010 the Water Resources Program entered into a partnership with the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) to pilot a community based initiative implementing green infrastructure projects throughout the City of Camden.  As a result of this partnership, the Camden SMART (Stormwater Management and Resources Training) Initiative formed. This initiative is a collaboration between the City of Camden, CCMUA, the RCE Water Resources Program, New Jersey Tree Foundation (NJTF), Cooper’s Ferry Partnership (CFP), the Center for Environmental Transformation (CfET), New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), public-private partners, community organizations, and most importantly, Camden residents to restore and revitalize their neighborhoods. The objective of the Camden SMART Initiative is to develop a comprehensive network of green infrastructure programs and projects for the City of Camden. The initiative includes neighborhood green and grey infrastructure projects, stormwater management policy development, and green infrastructure training programs. To learn more about the Camden SMART Initiative visit

The green infrastructure pilot program focuses on reducing negative impacts to waterways as well as negative impacts of combined sewer overflows (CSOs), flooding, and sewer backups on private properties. This program is about improving the quality of life of the residents of Camden. Camden SMART is taking the first steps needed to develop this community-based initiative. The pilot program included:

  • Educating community leaders, businesses, and residents on the benefits and opportunities for green infrastructure projects
  • Providing training to local residents and contractors on green infrastructure installation techniques
  • Establishing a network of community-based organizations to provide capacity for continual growth and expansion of the program

The Water Resources Program, working with Camden SMART partners, completed the following

  • Hosted a series of local workshops and meetings with community leaders and activists from each Camden City neighborhood
  • Identified a total of 40 priority demonstration rain garden, water harvesting, and green infrastructure projects throughout the City of Camden
  • Prepared concept designs for these 40 priority demonstration green infrastructure projects
  • Established a community-based network to support on-going development, installation, operation, and maintenance of green infrastructure projects
  • Prepared a city-wide feasibility study for green infrastructure projects (rain gardens, rain barrels, water harvesting, pervious paving, etc.)

November 2011

The initial target is to identify and secure funding to implement pilot rain gardens, rainwater harvesting, and other green infrastructure projects to reduce stormwater runoff flows to the combined sewer system in the City of Camden.

Within the first year, this pilot program resulted in the construction of eight demonstration projects throughout the City of Camden, including 11 rain gardens designed to capture, treat, and infiltrate over 800,000 gallons of stormwater each year.

Demonstration Rain Gardens:

For more information about the Camden Green Infrastructure Initiative, please contact Andy Kricun, Deputy Executive Director, CCMUA (856.541.3700) or Christopher Obropta, Extension Specialist in Water Resources (848.932.5711)

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