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Rain Gardens

New Jersey Demonstration Rain Gardens ~

Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center


     Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center

    1501 Glasstown Road, Millville, Cumberland County, New Jersey 08332

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    Site Contact(s):
    Viola Carson,
Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Cumberland County


    The Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center rain gardens were installed as part of the

    Stormwater Management in Your Backyard program that trained Master
    Gardeners of Cumberland County and Gloucetser Counties.  A two-part, six-hour
    lecture was was conducted by Dr. Christopher Obropta and Gregory Rusciano to train
    Master Gardeners about stormwater management and rain garden design.  After the       classroom sessions, the training involved a hands-on component.  Master                         Gardeners assisted Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program staff
    with the installation of a demonstration rain garden.  As a result of this training,        
    they took on the challenge of installing an additional rain garden the following                 summer.
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Type of Runoff Managed:

    These rain gardens manage stormwater from the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center
    Education and Event Center building.  There are no gutters or downspouts on this
    building.  Therefore, erosion of soil and mulch resulted, causing a maintenance issue
    for the adjacent walkway.


    Approximately twenty Master Gardeners of Cumberland and Gloucester Counties    
    were present for the installation of the rain garden in the Spring of 2007, and
    approximately ten Master Gardeners of Cumberland County were present for the
    installation of the rain garden in the Summer of 2008.  These rain gardens were
    approved by
Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center and the Cumberland County
    Improvement Authority.  The mulch and stone for these rain gardens was donated by     Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center and the native plants that were installed were           donated by Pinelands Nursery & Supply.    In the absence of gutters, shallow                   trenches were used to direct water along the roof dripline into the rain gardens.  The     trenches were lined with stone to prevent erosion.  

    Plant Layout:

    Rain Garden Maps  Coming Soon!

    Plant List:

        Spring 2007 Rain Garden
    Arrowwood Viburnum
        Blue Lobelia
        Soft Rush
        Virginia Sweetspire
        Winterberry Holly

        Summer 2008 Rain Garden
        Blue Flag Iris
        Garden Phlox
        Joe Pye Weed
        Red Chokeberry
        Summersweet/Sweet Pepperbush
        Virginia Sweetspire
    Click here to download Adobe Reader to view the rain garden map and the plant list
    fact sheets.

    These rain gardens are maintained by the Master Gardeners of Cumberland County.


    Click here for photographs of the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center rain garden that
    was installed in the Spring of 2007.  Click here for photographs of the Wheaton Arts
    and Cultural Center rain garden that was installed in the Summer of 2008.