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Our green infrastructure initiative in urban centers focuses on capturing stormwater with cost-effective practices before it enters the combined sewer systems.

We are working closely with land owners and municipalities in rural New Jersey to protect water resources and restore those waterways that have already become impaired.

Our stormwater management efforts in New Jersey's suburban communities involve working with partners to deliver educational and outreach programs that reduce flooding and improve the water quality of local waterways.

Agriculture continues to be an important land use in New Jersey, and we are working with farmers to minimize their environmental impacts by encouraging them to adopt agricultural management practices.

We offer Extension programs to a wide-variety of audiences to increase public knowledge and environmental awareness, encourage human behavior changes, and ultimately provide New Jersey with sustainable water resources management.

About Us

Our mission is to identify and address water resources
issues by engaging and empowering communities to
employ practical science-based solutions to help
create a more equitable and sustainable New Jersey.



Water Resources Program  at Rutgers NJAES