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Water Quality Trading Program


EPA Water Quality Trading website

EPA Water Quality Trading Assessment Handbook

Watershed-Based National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permitting Implementation Guidance

Environmental Trading Network

Report from World Resources Institute “Fertile Ground: Nutrient Trading’s Potential to Cost-Effectively Improve Water Quality

Nutrient Net – online market for improving water quality through nutrient trading

EPA memo on TMDL "Daily Loads in light of the Anacostia court ruling and WEF summary

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Watershed Management

Rutgers University Cooperative Research and Extension, Water Resources Program

Proposal to Develop a Phosphorus Water Quality Trading Program for the Non-Tidal Passaic Watershed.

Passaic TMDL (Adopted)

NJDEP 2006 Integrated Report

WMAs 3, 4, 6 Characterization & Assessment Reports

Technical Manual for Phosphorus Evaluations, NJAC 7:9B-1.14(c) for NJPDES Discharge to Surface Water Permits, NJDEP, March 2003

Project Report - Development of a TMDL for the Wanaque Reservoir and Cumulative WLAs/LAs for the Passaic River Watershed, Najarian Associates, June 2005

Wanaque Reservoir TMDL and Cumulative WLAs/LA for the Passaic River Watershed, NJDEP, Marco Al-Ebus, August 2005

Amendment to the Northeast, Upper Raritan, Sussex County and Upper Delaware Water Quality Management Plans, Phase I Passaic River Study, Total Maximum Daily Load for Phosphorus in Wanaque Reservoir Northeast Water Region, NJDEP, July 2005

List of Category I Waters, NJDEP, 2004

Surface Water Quality Standards, NJDEP, Updated June 2008

Trading Programs

Dartmouth College Report: “Water Quality Trading and Offset Initiatives in the U.S.: A Comprehensive Survey”

Environmental Trading Network: Trading Programs Information page

North Carolina Tar-Pamlico Nutrient Trading Program

Long Island Sound Nitrogen Trading Program

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection - General Permit for Nitrogen Dischargers

North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources - Fact Sheet for General Permit for Neuse River Compliance Association

North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources - General Permit for Neuse River Compliance Associatio

Articles on Trading

A trading-ratio system for trading water pollution discharge permits, MIng-Feng Hung and Daigee Shaw, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 49 (2005) 83-102

Crunch Time for Water Quality Trading, Dennis M. King, 2005, Choices 20(1): 71-76.

EPA Water Quality Trading News - March 2007

Water Environment Trading News, Ecosystem Marketplace

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