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New Jersey Demonstration Rain Gardens ~
Atlantic County Utilities Authority


Atlantic County Utilities Authority
6700 West Delilah Road, Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County, New Jersey 08234

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Site Contact(s):

Amy Menzel, Communications Manager, Atlantic County Utilities Authority


The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) rain garden was installed as part of the Stormwater Management in Your Backyard program taught by Mike Haberland of Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Camden County that involved the Environmental Stewards of the Coastal Region. 

Type of Runoff Managed:

This rain garden manages stormwater runoff from a portion of the ACUA building.  The rain garden receives runoff from a disconnected downspout at one corner of the building.  The area of the rooftop was estimated to determine the volume of runoff discharged through the downspout (based on a 1.25” rainfall event).


Approximately fifteen Environmental Stewards of the Coastal Region were present for the installation of the rain garden in May 2010, which was approved by ACUA.

ACUA staff assisted with the excavation of the rain garden.  A front-end loader and backhoe were used to excavate the rain garden to the desired depth.  ACUA’s Eco Topsoil was then mixed in with the native soil to improve infiltration and provide nutrients to the plants.  Three inches of triple shredded hardwood mulch were added to the rain garden.  Delaware River stone was added for the inlet and overflow of this rain garden. Native plants were planted by the Environmental Steward volunteers.  The plants for this rain garden were purchased from Earth First Native Plant Nursery & Gifts, LLC.

Plant Layout:

Rain Garden Map

Plant List:

Allegheny Monkey Flower
Bee Balm
Black-eyed Susan
Cardinal Flower
New York Ironweed
Seaside Goldenrod
Spider Wort
Swamp Milkweed
White Turtlehead

Click here to download Adobe Reader to view the rain garden map and the plant list fact sheets.

This rain garden is maintained by ACUA.


Click here for photographs of the ACUA rain garden.