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Rain Gardens

New Jersey Demonstration Rain Gardens ~
Essex County Environmental Center


    Essex County Environmental Center
    621 Eagle Rock Avenue, Roseland, Essex County, New Jersey 07068

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    Site Contact(s):
    Jan Zientek,
Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Essex County


    The Essex County Environmental Center rain garden was installed as part of a
    rain garden educational workshop program that trained Master Gardeners of Essex
    County and homeowners.  The workshop was conducted in two parts: a two-hour
    classroom session and a half-day installation of the rain garden with guided

    Type of Runoff Managed:

    This rain garden manages stormwater from the Essex County Environmental Center     building.  This building is unique in that it has a green roof with planter boxes.  Runoff     from the rooftop is generated only after the planter boxes are beyond their capacity     for water.  The Environmental Center is built along the floodplain of the Passaic River     and provides a great learning opportunity for visitors interested in river ecology and     recreation.  However, the water table is high and, thus, stormwater management is     of great concern because of the potential for flooding.  A swale and berm were  
    installed after the construction of the building.  It allowed stormwater from the
    property to be conveyed to a nearby wetland.  Several downpouts from the rooftop
    discharge into the swale at various points along its path.
 One of the downspouts
    was chosen to be retorofitted with a rain garden to receive water from the rooftop.


    Approximately twenty-five participants from the Essex County area were present for
    the installation of the rain garden in April 2008.  Staff from the Environmental Center,
    Rutgers Cooperative Extension, and Master Gardeners of Essex County assisted with
    the installation.  Sand was added to the soil during the rain garden installation,
    which was donated by the Essex County Parks Department.  The native plants that
    were installed were donated by Pinelands Nursery & Supply.

    Plant Layout:

    Rain Garden Map  Coming Soon!

    Plant List:

Blue Flag Iris
            Blue Lobelia
            Inkberry Holly
            Marsh Marigold
            Red Chokeberry
            Sweet Pepperbush/Summersweet
            Virginia Sweetspire
            Winterberry Holly
    Click here to download Adobe Reader to view the rain garden map and the plant list
    fact sheets.

    The rain garden is maintained by the Master Gardeners of Essex County.


    Click here for photographs of the Essex County Environmental Center rain garden.