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New Jersey Demonstration Rain Gardens ~

    8th Avenue & North Lake Drive, Belmar, Monmouth County, New Jersey 07719

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    Site Contact(s):
    Carol Davies, Chair of the Belmar Borough Environmental Commission and Master
    Gardener of Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Monmouth County

    Vivian Quinn, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Monmouth County



The Belmar rain garden was a collaborative project between the Belmar
    Borough Environmental Commission and Master Gardeners of Monmouth County. 
    Technical assistance was provided by faculty and staff from the Rutgers Cooperative     Extension Water Resources Program and Rutgers Cooperative Extension of
    Monmouth County.  The rain garden is situated in a park and walking trail that
    surrounds Silver Lake and is frequented by citizens of the adjacent residential
  The purpose of installing the rain garden was to divert a portion of
    the runoff from the road into a vegetative system rather than directly into the storm
    sewer that discharges into Silver Lake.  It is also intended to serve as an example for
    homeowners in the area to replicate on their own properties. 

    Type of Runoff Managed:

    This rain garden manages stormwater from a portion of North Lake Drive.  The
    drainage area was estimated by observing the direction of flow over the road and
    along the curb/gutter system.  It was determined ahead of time that a curb cut would     be required.  Based on the slope of the roads, the drainage area was determined to
    be that which conveyed water to the point of the curb cut from all directions.  


    After obtaining support from the Mayor of the Borough of Belmar and the Borough
Belmar Council and being awarded a grant from Verizon, the Belmar Environmental
    Commission worked alongside the Master Gardeners from Rutgers Cooperative
    Extension of Monmouth County to plan and install the rain garden.  The first step of
    the rain garden installation was to perform the heavy excavation and curb cut.  A
    small stone-lined ditch was created to connect the curb cut with the rain garden. 
    berm was formed on the side of the rain garden closest to the lake.  The final size of
    the rain garden was 275 square feet in area and 6 inches in depth.  The excavation
    was generously performed by the the Belmar Borough Public Works Department. 
    Master Gardener  volunteers performed fine excavation by hand, planting, and
    mulching.  The Belmar Boy Scout Troop also assisted with the rain garden planting.   

    Plant Layout:

    Rain Garden Map  Coming Soon!

    Plant List

        Blue Flag Iris
        Coastal Sweet Pepperbush
        Cranberry Viburnum
        Inkberry Holly
        Joe Pye Weed
        Purple Coneflower
        Pussy Willow
        River Birch
        Seaside Goldenrod
        Tussock Sedge
        Wild Bergamot

    Click here to download Adobe Reader to view the rain garden map and the plant list
    fact sheets.
    The rain garden is maintained by the Master Gardeners of Monmouth County.


    Click here for photographs of the Belmar rain garden.