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Rain Gardens

New Jersey Demonstration Rain Gardens ~
Mendham Township Elementary School


    Mendham Township Elementary School
    18 West Main Street, Brookside, Morris County, New Jersey 07926

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The Mendham Township Elementary School rain garden was installed to serve
    as a demonstration rain garden to educate homeowners, business owners and
    government facilities on how rain gardens can minimize impacts to nearby waterways.

    Type of Runoff Managed:

    This rain garden manages stormwater runoff from a portion the Mendham Township     Elementary School parking lot and driveway.


Raritan Highlands Compact members were present for the installation of the rain             garden in Fall 2007.  Funding and in-kind resources for this project were provided by     Pfizer, the Leavens Foundation, New Jersey Corporate Wetland Resoration                     Partnership, Morris County Utilities Authority, and the Garden Club of Somerset Hills.     Several shallow trenches were installed to convey water from the parking lot into the     rain garden.   

    Plant Layout:

    Rain Garden Map  Coming Soon!

    Plant List:

        Big Bluestem
        Blue Lobelia
        Cinnamon Fern
        Inkberry Holly
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    fact sheets.



    Click here for photographs of the Mendham Township Elementary School rain garden.