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Rain Gardens

New Jersey Demonstration Rain Gardens ~
Johnson & Johnson Ethicon


    Johnson & Johnson Ethicon
    Route 22 West, Bridgewater, Somerset County, New Jersey 08807

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    Site Contact:
    Vincent Mignone,
Johnson & Johnson Ethicon



    Type of Runoff Managed:

     This rain garden manages runoff from the Ethicon parking lot before it is sent down        the grass towards a near-by stream.

    Ethicon and Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program faculty and
    staff were present for the installation of this rain garden installation.  The rain garden
    was designed to be 200 square feet and required two curb cuts.  One cut was
    needed to allow water to enter the rain garden and the second to route overflow
    from large storms into the existing curb/gutter system.

    Plant Layout:

    Rain Garden Map  Coming Soon!

    Plant List:
        Arrowwood Viburnum
        Blue Flag Iris
        Highbush Blueberry
        Inkberry Holly
        Red-osier Dogwood
    Shasta Daisy
        Soft Rush
        Sweet Pepperbush/Summersweet
        Virginia Sweetspire
    Click here to download Adobe Reader to view the rain garden map and the plant list
    fact sheets.

    This rain garden is maintained by the Ethicon staff.


    Click here for photographs of the Johnson & Johnson Ethicon rain garden.