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Green Infrastructure Education and Implementation Program

Project funding source:
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency (NJDEP)

The Green Infrastructure Education and Implementation Program is a state-wide educational training program that provides practical tools to inventory and evaluate existing stormwater infrastructure and identifies opportunities for new infrastructure to maximize flood control and water quality benefits. These educational and training programs will help local stormwater management coordinators comply with state regulations and will incorporate classroom lessons about the design and construction of green infrastructure projects at schools.

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Stormwater Management in Your Schoolyard (SWMIYS) is an educational program in which students are provided with an opportunity to apply their science, math, and communication skills to real-world environmental problems.  The program provides educational lectures, hands-on activities, and community-level outreach for students on the topics of water quality issues and stormwater management practices such as rain gardens and rain barrels.

About the Teacher In-Service Program:
The Stormwater Management in Your Schoolyard Teacher In-Service program was provided by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program and Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Morris and Somerset County as an in-service training to New Jersey teachers and offered in partnership with Duke Farms on January 28, 2014. The goal of this program was to engage teachers in helping Rutgers Cooperative Extension address stormwater management issues in New Jersey.  The objectives of the class were to:

  • Link stormwater management education to the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards
  • Provide teachers with knowledge about the science of stormwater management and rain gardens
  • Provide teachers with activities that they can do with their students
  • Provide teachers with the tools to work with students to design and build a rain garden for their school
  • Increase teachers awareness of the resources Rutgers Cooperative Extension has to offer

January 28, 2014 Teacher In-Service Program resources:


Water Resources Program  at Rutgers NJAES